Please Read if you plan on attending our show NGE 6.

In accordance with the mandate put forth by the Ontario Government.

Before entering the Northern Game Expo, you must provide proof of full vaccination upon entering. Also, one piece of Government issued photo ID is required to confirm your identity. Children under 12 are exempt from providing proof of vaccination.

Failure to provide this information at the door will result in not being permitted to enter the event as per the mandate. If you are medically exempt from the mandate, you must provide a note from a medical doctor, simply saying you are exempt will not be permitted.

Face masks/coverings are mandatory for entry into the event and must be always kept on (must cover both mouth and nose). Children aged 2 and under are exempt from the mandatory face mask/covering requirement.

We are only allowed to operate at 50% capacity which is 400 people including vendors and volunteers, so there may be wait times to enter. If you don’t want to wait outside in line coming later in the show may be best option or purchasing advance tickets from Comics North Hidden Level Games in Sudbury. If you are from out of town and would like tickets please contact Michael Shanks

Before coming to our show Please read over the following questions and if you answered YES to any of them, please stay home and self isolate.

1. Do you currently have one or more of the COVID-19 symptoms below that are new or worsening?

Symptoms should not be chronic or related to other known causes or conditions.

• fever and/or chills

• cough or barking cough (croup)

• shortness of breath

• decrease or loss of smell or taste

• fatigue and/or malaise (for adults)

• nausea/vomiting, and/or diarrhea (for <18 years of age)

2. Has a doctor, health care provider, or public health unit told you that you should currently be isolating (staying at home)?

This can be because of an outbreak or contact tracing.

3. Do you live with someone who has been told by a doctor, health care provider, or public health unit that they should currently be isolating?

4. Have you been outside of Canada within the last 14 days?

Please note that any abuse towards staff, volunteers or vendors of NGE will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave if a problem occurs or persists. We are simply doing the best we can given the circumstances and we must follow protocols set up by the government. We at NGE are committed to providing our guests with a safe and fun experience

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you Oct 17th from 12-5 at the Caruso Club.