Rob Sacchetto (Zombie Portraits) 

Rob Saccehetto is celebrating his 16h year of zombie portraits. Recently Rob’s Facebook page (Rob Saccehetto’s Zombie Art) hit the 10,000 like mark on Facebook. Now you can purchase zombie apparel. The links are on his Facebook page. Rob will be using the expo to soft launch his 2nd print of his Graphic Novel, Cape Fear as well as its brand-new prequel. For more info about this amazing artist, make sure to check out his website.

Josh Coulter

Coulter has been creating fan art and travelling to different conventions and shows for over 7 years now. Focusing on reimagining pop culture icons and using a keen eye for detail and colour, he has built an online store (www.JCoulterArtist.com) and multiple merchandise outlets online to print his designs on just about anything he can.

Returning to Northern Game Expo for his 5th year, Josh will have a new selection of prints, apparel, and merchandise available this year for all your favorite fandoms!


Abbie (AwCmonPuddin)

Abbie is a content creator and graphic designer in Ontario.

She enjoys streaming video games with her community on Twitch, creating cosplay, doing crafts, going to concerts and conventions, reading comics, going on hikes, and binge watching Netflix.

Some of her favourite video games are Diablo, Halo, Resident Evil, Destiny 2, Animal Crossing, Sea of Thieves, Silent Hill, Pokémon, and Devil May Cry.

Keep up to date with Abbie by following “AwCmonPuddin” on Instagram, Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.