Josh Coulter

Hailing from northern Ontario, Canada, graphic artist Josh Coulter is sharing his dynamic linework and vibrant designs to the world through prints and unique merchandise. Approaching art professionally for the past 2 years, Josh has released numerous sets of prints, crafted unique and eye catching apparel and merchandise, participated in many local events as both artist and independent vendor, and made his art known and available through his online handle @JCoulterArtist (http://www.JCoulterArtist.com). In his off time, Josh loves to play PC games, hang out with his cat, and work on his horde of collectibles.

KCG Props and Art

KCG Props and Art are a Dynamic duo making and crafting. We make and have fun while we’re at it!

Toy display sets and display cases, custom paint jobs, custom collector’s toys, cosplay props, anything fan based or nerd culture. We like making things you won’t find in stores, things you wished you had as a kid, or wish you had right now!

We’re a little family born and raised here in Sudbury. On our down time, we really enjoy getting together, have a cup of coffee (or latte), and brainstorm the next project. Going back to the things we loved growing up, bringing them back, and making them even better now that we have the platform to do it!

Join us as we share our creations and let us know if there’s something you’d like to see! We’re always in the mood to make things!

Mindmelt Studios

Mark S. Gagne and Avril Burns are the artistic duo behind Mindmelt Studio. Together they create works tapping into the weird parts of their brains. Their multi-media artwork includes paintings, illustrations, sculptures and even toys. Respect and collaboration between them has fostered growth into new artistic areas, and they’re excited to bring their creations to fans at various art shows and conventions. Remember, weird is wonderful!

Rob Sacchetto

In 2006 I invented an online service in which I hand paint people as the living dead, called Zombie Portraits.. People simply send me a J-peg of themselves or a loved one and I hand illustrate them as zombies using traditional means like paint, pen and ink, with no computer photo-shopping involved.

So far I have ‘zombified’ over 5,000 and counting, people all over the world! It feels odd to say that I actually invented something, but at that time, no one had ever provided the service I started. Feeling that I wasn’t drawing enough zombies, I started Zombie Daily, a blog where I post a new original zombie drawing or painting every day! This site was started in 2008 and so far there are over 3,400 posts and counting as I still update with new content on a daily basis.

The formation of Zombie Daily led the publishing company Ulysses press to offer me two book deals, one for, “The Zombie Handbook: How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse”, which has since been translated to Spanish, and titled “Apocolipsis Zombie” and my next book, “Zombiewood : The Celebrity Dead Exposed”.

My Zombie Portrait service also caught the attention of noted zombie author Jonathan Maberry, who asked me to create character ‘chase’ card illustrations for that book, his four follow-up Zombie novels, and alternate covers to the IDW comic miniseries based on the first novel.

I’m featured in the documentary “Zombiemania” and provided the morphing zombie portrait drawings for me and the other noted zombie experts who were interviewed, including George Romero, Tom Savini, Max Brooks and Greg Nicotero.

In 2013 I published my first remarkably successful graphic novel entitled’ ‘Rob Sacchetto’s Cape Fear,’ a One Hundred and Fifty page fantasy/adventure/horror genre book, and have since been working on its sequels. The second graphic novel in the series is being illustrated right now! My Zombie art has been licensed for use on everything from puzzles to skateboard decks, T shirts, journal covers, comic books and many other products, including a full 56 Zombie card deck for Bicycle playing cards, a deck featuring the many types of ‘Bigfoot’ creatures and Comic book covers and interiors for the Australian Horror Magazine, ‘Decay.’

With both the Zombie Portraits, and the Zombie Daily, sites, I believe that I’ve drawn more zombies than anyone on the planet. Zombie Portraits is still going strong after 11 years, and I still post new Zombie Art every Day!

Syd Bolton

Syd Bolton is Canada’s top video game collector (with over 17,500 video games) and also curator and founder of the Personal Computer Museum (http://pcmuseum.ca) in Brantford. Syd has both worked in the industry and been an avid game player most of his life. He is looking forward to bringing some of his vast collection to Sudbury! In addition to a non-interactive mini-museum of Canadian made video games, Syd will be bringing a ton of interactive gaming stations for visitors to play on. If you love video games you won’t want to miss this. Immerse yourself in rich gaming history with one of Canada’s most trusted experts!

The Personal Computer Museum is located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and is open to the public to visit its interactive displays on the history of personal computers.