The Northern NerdCast originally started out as a monthly news letter that was used to help promote The Northern Game Expo.

After a while, one of the creators decided to go digital and created Fireside Chat as a podcast that is currently available on the Anchor app as well as Spotify. The goal was to just cover anything and everything in the “Nerd World”.  

Fast Forward to late 2020 and Fireside Chat was rebranded as The Northern NerdCast and was joined by Clayton and Adam. We have had the absolute pleasure to chat with some truly amazing guests such as David Bateson aka Agent 47 from The Hitman series, Katie O’Hagan who starred in Resident Evil 7 and RE Village as Mia Winters, Aaron LaPlante who was the voice of The Duke in Resident Evil Village as well as Spear from Primal, and Jon St. John, the voice of the iconic and controversial Duke Nukem.

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