This is a private event limited to only 30 tickets being sold. Syd is the proud owner of the Personal Computer Museum located in Branford Ontario and he also has the largest Video Game Collection in Canada.

Be prepared to step back in time as he brings part of his museum to Sudbury and showcase it at the Northern Game Expo.

If you are a computer enthusiast or hard-core gamer, then Ready Player One as this exclusive event taking place the night before NGE.

Syd will be presenting a lecture on the evolution of computers and gaming and will also talk about how Canada has impacted the gaming industry throughout the years.

Syd will also be hosting a Q and A afterwards followed by trying the exhibit first hand. He has even been kind enough to set up a special “Made in Canada” section which will include, gaming computers from the 70’s to current games and systems created in Canada. Furthermore, you will have special access to certain items that will be display only the following day at the Northern Game Expo.

As a thank you for attending our event we will be;

  • Serving drinks and light snacks.
  • Northern Game Expo will be giving each attendee an exclusive print from local artist Rob Sacchetto which will be numbered and signed.
  • Also your ticket can be used as VIP admission into the Northern Game Expo the following day.


For any questions about this event or if you would like to purchase a ticket please contact Brad Davidson at northerngameexpo@hotmail.com