Guest Panel #1
Inside The Game
Price: Free

Join the team from Inside the Game as they go “Inside The Scoop on ITG”. Their panel will be about their gaming history and how they went from gamers to suddenly gaming for a TV show and how that works with them being on TV now as they cover the industry each week. Warning, this includes the ups and downs of getting the show started.

About Drew Beausoleil CEO of Inside the Game – I’m a gamer first and foremost. I have been my entire life. It’s why I do what I do, talk to friends, family, even complete strangers about video games. This is my passion! I have been pushing my way into the video game industry since 2012 and never looked back. Covering everything and anything I can to be involved in one way or another with this industry. My own gaming news website, YouTube channel, TV Show, it didn’t matter I just want to talk about the very industry I love, with whoever would like to listen. I have had a lot of help along the way and met a lot of very incredible people who have brought me to where I am today. The future of this industry is bright and with my crew, I am very excited to watch us grow.

Favorite game: Is that even possible? Stealth games, but if I had to pick one…. Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater! Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKE!

Guest Panel #2
Jamie Parent
Price: Free

We invite you to join Sudbury’s own Jamie Parent as he discusses a unique story that ultimately lead to him becoming a game developer for Raven Software, a game studio owned by Activision.

How did he get into the industry that ultimately landed him a role in the development of the popular game franchises Call of Duty? Which Call of Duty games did Jamie work on and what exactly was his involvement in those games?

Come on down to the large amphitheater at 12pm and find out all these answers.After his talk he will take Q & A from the audience hosted by a good friend and local radio host G-Rant of The New Hot 93.5. Keep in mind there are certain questions Jamie will be unable to answer as he is working on upcoming games and they have to remain confidential.

Guest Panel #3
We Promise Nothing Live!
Price: Free

Bad Video Game Movies

Join the lovable stars of We Promise Nothing on Youtube & Late Night Ticket on Eastlink as they talk about and review bad video game movies. We all love video games but let’s face it video game movies aren’t that great. But you know what is great? Making fun of these awful movies. Join us as we debate about some of our favorite video games turned in to bad movies. We’ll take a look at the history of video games in cinema as we talk about Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat & more. With special guests: Talk Nerdy

Guest Panel #4
Scott Yaphe
Price: $10 purchase at NOFCC table OR included in golden ticket purchase

Join us for an exclusive event! G-rant may pick you out of audience to compete for prizes!

Cosmic Wink. Everything you ever wanted to know about Scott Yaphe, Uh-Oh, the entertainment business (at least through my eyes) and metaphysics. Scott is a Canadian actor and comedian best known for being a cast member on YTV’s variety show It’s Alive! After its cancellation in 1997, Yaphe and a few other It’s Alive! regulars such as Mike Beaver and Patricia Ribeiro, moved over to the game show Uh Oh!, where he became the host by his fictional name, “Wink Yahoo”. Yaphe appeared in the movie Amelia in the third quarter of 2009, as well as in the recurring role of Sliver in the second season of Disney XD’s, Aaron Stone and as Zafer Griffin in the new Cartoon Network live-action series, Unnatural History. He can also be seen in the ABC police drama Rookie Blue which began in 2010.

At the conclusion of this panel 6 guests will be randomly selected from the crowd to compete for prizes in a NGE style game show Inspired by Scott Yaphe’s role in Uh-oh. Since Scott does not perform any more we brought in a special host for this game show. Sudbury’s own G-rant, from the New Hot 93.5.

Golden tickets available at
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