Comics North + Hidden Level Games

While Comics North has been a staple in Sudbury’s geek culture for 34 years it wasn’t until last year when video games and toys were added to the lineup. October 1st will be Comics North + Hidden Level Games one year anniversary and we’re going strong! We’re striving to have Sudbury’s largest and most diverse selection of used retro video games, consoles and retro toys. We buy, sell and trade all video games/consoles, toys and comics – new or old! What makes us different? We love video games and respect a customers collection so we offer the most honest and fairest prices in town!

Follow us on Facebook (click our logo) and keep informed of all the cool events/giveaways we have planned, all the new comics and graphic novels that come out each and every week, plus keep up to date of all the games and toys hitting our shelves! If you don’t have time to keep up with all the comics coming out ask us about our subscriptions, it’s free and easy – we do all the work for you!

Studio 613

Once upon a time, there was a young man who dreamed of traveling the world, spreading a message of love, good will and peace thru creative and artistic means. But we aren’t here to listen to his story, this page is dedicated to the artwork of Hugh Bastard ( and quit pronouncing it HUGE BASTARD, the “GH” is silent, and you just sound like a jackass ). Hugh started tattooing humbly in 2004 after a year and a half of apprenticing at a little studio in Sudbury. After slaving away for 6 year for the owner, Hugh felt the need to leave in search of bigger and better thing. In 2008, Hugh was taken in by the power house family that was North Bay’s premier LIVE ONCE STUDIO. There he received a proper tutoring, a vast appreciation for other art forms, and a crash course in “How To Get Past Bouncers, Cover Charges, and Free Lap Dances”. After a few re-locations, Hugh made his way to Sudbury’s TWISTED DOLL STUDIO, where he had a lot of fun and a ton of laughs harassing local merchants. In 2015, Hugh put on his big boy pants and opened the prestigious Studio 613, where his is king of his own castle (minus the sweet moat filled with sharks). Proud to be a part of a quickly growing industry, he strives for success by way of associations with other big name studios, strong artists, participation in art shows and conventions alike, and by being an apt pupil in the way of traditional tattooing and its history.

On his off time, Hugh enjoys watching old horror movies, reading, painting, and refering to himself in the third person

Power up Gaming

Power Up Gaming specializes in providing the very best of retro video games, accessories and consoles. We do this by providing an extensive selection of high quality items at affordable prices. If there is an item that you are looking for, there is a very good chance that we will have it and you will be blown away at the quality and price that goes along with it!

Power Up Gaming is a family owned and operated brick and mortar retail store that opened his doors in Barrie, Ontario on August 1st, 2012 with a very small amount of inventory. Since then we have grown our store to include over $500,000 worth of inventory! We are literally busting at the seams with product and looking at expanding to a larger store in the near future.

Our online store was first opened in 2013 which featured a separate inventory system from our retail store and had a lot of aches and pains associated with it. This was ideal for when we were first starting out but we wanted to provide our customers with the very best so we have now re-launched what you see here. The new website is a completely LIVE capture of everything that we have in-store. You can even shop from home and pick-up your order without ever having to browse our shelves in-person!

Limitless pawn

Limitless pawn is a new pawn shop in the city of Sudbury on Lasalle Blvd. We offer services to buy, sell and pawn.

We deal with vintage games, new games and consoles. Also newer electronics, tools, gold, silver, comics, bikes and so much more.

We’ve been open almost a year now and the response we are getting from customers is amazing. Our prices are fair and we treat our customers top notch.

Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer

The Northern Game Expo is excited to partner up with NOFCC (Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer) to have a bbq from 11am to 5pm outfront of the Caruso Club. 100% of proceeds will go to this wonderful cause. To find out more about NOFCC and how you can help make a difference please visit their website.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

We are pleased to announce that Big Brothers and Big Sisters will be attending the Northern Game Expo. Chantal Gladu will be set up once again painting kids faces free of charge. From Mario to Donkey Kong to Pikachu to Spiderman her selection is second to none and can turn every kid into their favorite video game character/action hero.

Chantal will also be raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters by selling daily prize calenders for $20. Anyone who buys a calender will also be entered into a draw which will have 3 winners. A basket from Big Brothers Big Sisters, a prize package from Comics North and Hidden Level Games aswell as a prize package from the Northern Game Expo. To find out more about how you can help Big Brothers Big Sisters please visit their website

Simple & Sweet Photography

Simple & Sweet Photography will be at the Northern Game Expo as the official photographer of NGE17.

Brigitte Démoré is new on the scene but photography has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl and has finally decided to pursue it in hopes of giving people lovely photos they can cherish forever. She was discovered by one of the organizers of the Northern Game Expo as she did their maternity photos then their baby girls newborn photos. Brigitte’s ambition, creativity and people skills is something that makes her a must have photographer. The Northern Game Expo is thrilled to have her at our show. To find out more about Brigitte and Simple & Sweet Photography please check out her Facebook page.

Talk Nerdy

Steve Carey and Dave St. Georges from Talk Nerdy will be attending the show as special sponsors!