Once upon a time, there was a young man who dreamed of traveling the world, spreading a message of love, good will and peace thru creative and artistic means. But we aren’t here to listen to his story, this page is dedicated to the artwork of Hugh Bastard (and quit pronouncing it HUGE BASTARD, the “GH” is silent, and you just sound like a jackass).

Hugh started tattooing humbly in 2004 after a year and a half of apprenticing at a little studio in Sudbury. After slaving away for 6 years for the owner, Hugh felt the need to leave in search of bigger and better thing. In 2008, Hugh was taken in by the power house family that was North Bay’s premier LIVE ONCE STUDIO. There he received a proper tutoring, a vast appreciation for other art forms, and a crash course in “How To Get Past Bouncers, Cover Charges, and Free Lap Dances”. After a few re-locations, Hugh made his way to Sudbury’s TWISTED DOLL STUDIO, where he had a lot of fun and a ton of laughs harassing local merchants.

In 2015, Hugh put on his big boy pants and opened the prestigious Studio 613, where his is king of his own castle (minus the sweet moat filled with sharks). Proud to be a part of a quickly growing industry, he strives for success by way of associations with other big name studios, strong artists, participation in art shows and conventions alike, and by being an apt pupil in the way of traditional tattooing and its history.

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