After attending a show in Southern Ontario, three friends, who have been gamers since the Nintendo boom of ’87 realized that Northern Ontario needed its own expo.  With a lack of retro video game stores in and around Sudbury, two creative minds and their friend the beard created The Northern Game Expo.  A place where vendors from all over could come and sell their products. A place where geek culture could be proudly put on the front burner.

Quickly realizing that there is more to a show than just gaming, an expert in the comic field was brought on to help plan the first year and the swap quickly became an expo with everything from gaming, to comics and anime.

On October 25th 2015, Northern Game Expo opened its doors at the Cambrian College Student Center and by the end of the day, had amassed over 1100 excited shoppers, cosplayers and people of all ages.

In our second year, NGE moved to the Caruso Club and over 1400 people attended. We also offered attendees a whole different experience as there was numerous events taking place, such as a Mario kart 64 tournament, face painting for kids, Retro Arcades were set up thanks to Buy Retro Arcade. Also included was free Wifi for everyone thanks to Eastlink. Eastlink also had some Special guests on board, those guests were Dave and Steve from Talk Nerdy.

We are pleased to announce that once again, Northern Game Expo will be taking place at the Caruso Club on October 15th from 12pm until 5pm. Everything you loved from last year will be available once again, along with some new events. We will be doing a bunch of free mini video game competitions such as; Setting the high score for the day and you can win prizes. This means no pre registry and everyone can give it a shot. Winners will be announced at the end of the show. Also, we will be having Playstation Virtual Reality systems setup so you can see what it is like to play games in the cutting edge world of VR! Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer will be a Charity BBQ setup infront of the Caruso Club. 100% of the money raised will go to NOFCC (Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer).