On July 5, 2015, four friends decided to take a trip down to Barrie and check out the very first Barrie Game Exchange. It was a small event that had 30 tables of vendors selling Video Games.

We were amazed as shoppers as we had never seen as many video games at once in one place and were happy with our purchases or as gamers say; “pickups”. On the way back from the show Brad threw out the idea of bringing something like this to Sudbury. Without much thought, Michael said “Yes that would be cool”. The very next morning Brad phoned Michael very excited and said, “We should sit down and start planning on how we can bring a show similar to the one in Barrie to Sudbury.” While we were planning out possible areas for this new show, Michael immediately thought of a perfect location because he knew the Special Event Coordinator of Cambrian College. The venue ended up being the Student Center at Cambrian College. Realizing that there was nothing show related past September and with Christmas a few short months away, we agreed on the date of October 25th.

After a few weeks of planning, we concluded that we needed to bring in someone who knew how to do graphic design, so we could make cards to hand out to promote the event and have a website people could go to for more information. We ended up with someone who had a vast knowledge in both graphic design and comic books. It was then that we had realized that we needed to expand into the rest of the “nerd” genre which included comics, anime, and art.

After much collaboration we came up with the name Northern Game Expo.